Hong Kong
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HU Charles
  • Co-founder, Incando Therapeutics
  • Founder, Ryoden Medical Holdings Ltd
  • Advisor, Grays Ferry Capital Ltd
  • Johns Hopkins University, PhD in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Charles received his PhD from Johns Hopkins University (US) in translational tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, and has extensive experience with biomedical engineering, interventional radiology, clinical and preclinical studies, as well as medical affairs in the pharmaceutical industry. Charles also has a strong business intuition that has allowed him to integrate medical science with business through experiences in research commercialization, intellectual property management, business development, and investment counseling. In 2018 he founded Ryoden Medical Holdings Ltd where he invests and advises in biotech ventures. Most recently Charles co-founded Incando Therapeutics plc, a unique global medtech startup developing an innovative treatment platform targeting difficult-to-treat cancers and neurodegenerative diseases.