May 27-30, 2020

Hong Kong
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Call for Abstracts

Proposal 1

You are encouraged to submit an abstract of your scientific research work for a scientific oral or poster presentation in BIOHK2020 conference

  • You can also submit an abstract about your company for a roadshow presentation. 
  • Each registered participant will allow to submit ONLY one abstract as the first author of the submission. Of course, your name can appear in as many abstracts as you wish. 
  • Please submit your paper and roadshow abstracts using the online submission portal.
  • All the submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.
  • Please note that one should be registered online or party already has reserved exhibition booth(s) at BIOHK2020 before or at the same time of submission of abstracts (March 31, 2020).
  • An abstract consists of title of the abstract and the author’s contact information (name, affiliation, postal address, email address, and phone number; please refer to the template of abstract).
  • Abstracts can be submitted in English or Chinese with a maximum of 300 words and without footnotes
  • The Scientific Committee will examine your submission and return the abstracts which exceed the word limit or contain footnotes. Resubmission must be completed before March 31, 2020 as stated above.
  • Speakers could choose to give oral or poster presentation for their individual papers.
  • BIOHK 2020 will try our best to fulfil your request. If oral presentation slot is not available, your submission will automatically become a poster presentation.
  • All the accepted abstracts will be published in both English and Chinese in the program book and on the BIOHK2020 official website.
Mark your calendars and don’t forget to submit your conference by the set deadlines of March 31, 2020 in order to become a valuable part of   .