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One2One Partnering - intensive networking to discover new opportunities and promising partnerships  

One2One Partnering service allows you to quickly spot and connect with attendees who share similar interests and goals.

You can:

  • Search for comprehensive profiles of BIOHK2020 date COLOUR content2 participants
  • Set up one to one meetings to expand your network within the biotech sector
  • Explore your ideas to co-operate with other organizations

We have a number of resources available including (equipment)  that will help you and your company to make the most out of your time at BIOHK2020 date COLOUR content2 using the One2One Partnering Booking system. We also have a mobile website where you can easily access your schedule and update your calendar on the go!

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How to Access the Partnering System

To access the BIOHK2020 date COLOUR content2 One2One Partnering Booking system, you must be registered for the Convention. Once your registration is confirmed, it may take up to (number) days to receive your unique login credentials. We thank you for your patience!