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BIOHK2021 Update 香港国际生物科技展資訊更新

BIOHK is an international convention organized by Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization to introduce novel state-of-the-art biotech innovations from around the globe and provide an extensive platform to allow pioneers of the biotech industry to convene, with the purpose of promoting Hong Kong as an international innovation hub for biotech.

However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, BIOHK2021 had to be postponed several times and now has been decided to be postponed to 10-13 March 2021. But we are always well-prepared and ready to be the first international biotech convention after pandemic. In view of the continuing uncertainties amidst the COVID-19 epidemic, the safety of participants is definitely our prioritized concern. For any subsequent changes, we will promptly notify all stakeholders and exhibitors for getting better prepared and arranged.

It’s true that COVID-19 brings us plenty of negative impacts, on another hand, it arouses awareness in biotech and speeds up the biotech development. BIOHK2021 must be the first International Biotech Convention when COVID-19 is over. So please reserve your time to join this significant biotech event in Hong Kong.

BIOHK2021 team hereby expresses our gratitude for all those supporting to BIOHK2021. We will continue to try our best in organizing BIOHK2021, which brings biotech industry an international biotech event, with the purpose of promoting the biotech development.

Please visit this website or email to info@biohk.org.hk for any enquiries.





如有查询,请浏览本网站或电邮至 info@biohk.org.hk

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