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03/08/2020 EDM: Modernisation of Chinese Medicine: Another of BIOHK2021's Hottest Topics 现代中医药:香港国际生物科技展最热门话题之一
28/07/2020 EDM: Anti- Ageing: One of BIOHK2021's Hottest Topics 抗衰老:香港国际生物科技展最热门话题之一
23/07/2020 EDM: COVID-19 & Other Infectious Diseases: One of BIOHK2021's Many Sessions 2019新型冠状病毒及其他传染病:香港国际生物科技展的多个会议之一
18/07/2020 EDM: BIOHK2021 Inviting Guests From Around the World 香港国际生物科技展邀请全世界嘉宾参与
08/07/2020 EDM: Updates on BIOHK2021 - calling for abstracts and proposals now! | BIOHK2021最新动态 - 立即提交征集和提案!
06/07/2020 Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization supporting vulnerable groups in their fight against the virus 無償奉獻 齊心抗疫 香港生物科技協會全力支援弱勢社群抵抗疫病
03/07/2020 HKBIO distributes masks and hand sanitiser to people in need 無償奉獻 齊心抗疫 香港生物科技協會全力支援弱勢社群共同抗疫
30/06/2020 EDM: Designers @ BIOHK2021 香港國際生物科技展與香港頂尖設計師合作推動創新文化
24/06/2020 EDM: 生物科技的海洋「粽」情馳騁 香港生物科技協會祝您端午節快樂 [HKBIO] Happy Dragon Boat Festival!
16/06/2020 EDM: A Invitation from BIOHK Convention 香港国际生物科技展邀请信
18/05/2020 EDM: 6 Ways to enhance your brand awareness and connect with the investors & industry leaders | BIOHK2020
11/05/2020 EDM: RSVP - Last call for submitting your conference proposals 提案征集最后召集!| BIOHK2020
04/05/2020 EDM: [BIOHK2020] Sponsorship Invitation 赞助邀请
04/05/2020 EDM: [BIOHK2020] Second Announcement & Call For Papers 第二次公告及摘要/提案征集
28/04/2020 EDM: 您能在這次危机中抓紧机会吗? Could you get an opportunity at this crisis? | BIOHK2020
20/04/2020 EDM: BIOHK2020 - 1st Announcement of Call For Abstracts
14/04/2020 EDM: BIOHK2020: Fight Coronavirus with Your Knowledge and Innovations
07/04/2020 EDM: BIOHK2020: Call for Proposal / Abstract 香港国际生物科技展: 摘要/提案征集
06/04/2020 EDM: BIOHK2020 Sponsorship Invitation 香港国际生物科技展赞助邀请
01/04/2020 EDM: Showcase and Connect the Prospective Partners and Investors at BIOHK2020
27/03/2020 EDM: BIOHK2020 Proposal Submission is now open!
24/03/2020 BIOHK2020 Health measures and statement
24/03/2020 Asian Fund for Cancer Research (AFCR) BRACE Award Competition at BIOHK2020
20/03/2020 EDM: BIOHK2020 One2One Partnering program helps you to find the business opportunities
13/03/2020 EDM: International Convention BIOHK2020 on 19-22/8/2020 Asia-World Expo
06/03/2020 Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization and Lee's Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited distribute surgical masks to students and citizen 香港生物科技协会联同李氏大药厂控股有限公司派发口罩予「屯元天」学校及区内有需要者
04/03/2020 ERT-PCR Technology for New Coronavirus Detection ERT-PCR技术检测新型冠状病毒
01/02/2020 Call for Abstracts and Business Pitching 论文及项目交流摘要收集现已开始
01/02/2020 Call for Proposals 提案收集现已开始
30/01/2020 Early Bird Discounts for Booth is now available 展位早鸟优惠
30/01/2020 Open for Early Bird Registration 提前注册享受早鸟优惠

EDM: Anti- Ageing: One of BIOHK2021's Hottest Topics 抗衰老:香港国际生物科技展最热门话题之一
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