• Chairman, Asian Fund for Cancer Research
  • Board Member, Board of Directors of the National Foundation for Cancer Research
  • Chief Executive Officer, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation
  • Strategic Advisor, AIM-HI Accelerator Fund

Mr. Kawaguchi is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization in Australia dedicated to defeating brain cancer. To progress innovative therapeutics into the clinic rapidly, Mr. Kawaguchi Launched the world’s first brain cancer-dedicated Clinical Accelerator program to support early-stage biotechnology companies, researchers, and industry partners. Meanwhile, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation led the critical funding to bring the revolutionary trial GBM AGILE to Australia, under the unwavering tenacity of Mr. Kawaguchi.

Mr. Kawaguchi also currently serves as the Chairman of the Asian Fund for Cancer Research. Supporting the organization’s BRACE Award Venture Competition, Mr. Kawaguchi provides seed funding to biotechnology companies that develop products for cancers prevalent in the Asian population.

Through the AIM-HI Women’s Venture Competition and the acceleration of the early-stage oncology companies, Mr. Kawaguchi also supports the development of female entrepreneurs and leaders in the biotechnology industry.